We see an “assembly” of born-again believers,

whose sole desire is to grow and mature in their faith,

being transformed more fully into the loving image of Jesus Christ.


Join us on our earthly pilgrim’s journey to God’s heavenly City and Coming Kingdom.

What we value

  • Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and soon to return King
  • God’s Words of Life as experienced in both Old & New Testaments
  • Brothers & Sisters who desire to “seek and to save the lost” compelling them to come to salvation
  • To make disciples by baptizing ; teaching all Jesus commanded
  • To become “intercessory” prayer warriors
  • To be further trained & equipped as “harvest workers” and balanced disciples of Jesus
  • To receive and experience greater Holy Spirit power in spiritual gifting and fruitfulness
  • To encourage and support the “broken hearted” in all walks of life
  • To encourage and love others faithfully and patiently while waiting the Lord’s return
  • To be an overcoming victor “nike” in Christ in and through His love and eternal power

God's Action Plan

1.  To train and equip fellow believers in all age groups the power of God’s word by: 

          - Sunday morning intercessory prayer, bible study and worship

          - Wednesday shepherd’s (leadership) training, elder fellowship, and evening bible study

2. To experience God’s divine life within His body of believers here at HOPE by:

          - Monthly relational fellowships – senior lunches, men’s discipleship, retreats, movie nights, pot-luck

            dinners, family activities, and whatever the Holy Spirit dials up!

3. To encourage the brethren at HOPE to become “stretcher bearers” praying for and assisting others within

the body of Christ who are in need and require a helping hand.

4. To stay connected to the Clarkstown community through various community agencies that help and assist

those with mental illness challenges, domestic violence and various addictive struggles.

5. To further develop HOPE’S “Hospitality House” providing an “oasis” of rest and refreshment to those

serving the Lord in caring ministries.

6. To encourage individual and family devotions, contemplative “time-outs” and the need for intercessory

prayer and a systematic discipline of Bible Reading & Meditation.

7. To trust God for the harvest of not only people - but changed lives bearing much fruit for God’s coming

kingdom’s glory! Amen.