Hope Community is first and foremost under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having forgiven us through his substitutionary death on the cross and adopting us as his children (being brought into the family of GOD), we believe Jesus is the Chief Overseer of this and every other local church, and that He then calls qualified men and women to serve in various ways on His behalf.


Hope Community believes Pastors and Elders are trained, qualified, and called men who oversee the faithfulness of the local church in regard to her theology, mission, and the celebration of God's grace in Baptism and the Lord's Supper. The pastor and elders here at Hope Community have gone through a rigorous process of education, training, discipleship, and ordination prior to being installed.

Pastor Peter Bradford and our current active elders are Robert Burden (chairman) & Timothy White.

Pastor Peter RN, BSN, MTS

     Pastor Peter is the full-time pastor at HOPE Community Church. His desire and prayer along with his fellow elders and gifted brethren at HOPE is to “pasture, graze, tend, feed and shepherd” a disciple-making body of gifted believers. And to recruit other “spiritually gifted” disciples to humbly serve others as “stretcher bearers” with shepherd and leadership building skills - in and through Holy Scripture. Including various spiritual life-skills required in the local congregational ministry, mental health, addictions, Alzheimer’s, dying, death, loss and grief the tragedy and confusion of recreational use marijuana and the legalization of “physician assisted suicide” (Gk: euthanasia “easy death”). 

     Peter believes strongly in the words of the apostle Paul found in Ephesians 4:11-16 to both empower, and encourage the body of Christ to serve and love others and to be better prepared to navigate correctly from both the neighborhood and the larger global environment changes that are taking place in the world and local faith communities. With the result - in the end, to position ourselves, as God gives His, love, mercy and power to do so, to clearly hear the shout and the trumpet sound of our soon to return Jesus Christ “King of Kings and Lord of Lords!”

     Pastor Bradford has had extensive nursing, pastoral, and chaplaincy experience in Hospice, Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Death & Dying and Alzheimer’s disease in hospital, nursing home, community, and home settings. His desire is to bring his gifted and dedicated ministry to those who sense God’s leading to be further “trained & equipped” to help others in need. Especially during these very confusing and critical hours on planet earth. 

     Pastor Peter and his dear wife Cynthia have been married 45 years, have four wonderful adult children and offer a sensitive, personal, biblical and medical approach to the challenging and life changing experiences from mental illness, dying and death, grief & loss from their own families experience with depression, bi-polar disorder and the tragic automobile accident that killed their 20 year-old daughter Sarah. 

Pastor Peter can be reached at: pgoochbradford@gmail.com

Cell: (908) 303 - 5237   -  call anytime!

Elder Rob Burden BS Accounting, MBA Finance, CPA

     Rob Burden is a necessary leader if a local church is going to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God and have a steady faithful course going into the future. Rob has been such a wonderful person who gives time, talent, and tithe to the essential needs and people of HOPE Community Church. Rob fits the dynamic profile of a F.A.T. person. Rob is a “born again” believer who is “Faithful, Available, and Teachable” 24/7, rain or shine. He not only is a talented with numbers (dollars and cents) but is easy to talk to, kind, considerate and caring. Rob is the best type of person that every “body of believers” must have, if they are to succeed and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God, especially today with its complex issues facing all of us.

     Elder Rob Burden was born and raised in Pearl River, NY. The son of a NYPD officer, Rob is the 4th child in a family of 3 boys and a girl. Rob came to know Jesus Christ as His Savior and Lord in 1996 through the life changing gospel message shared by the faithful believers at Hope Community and Promise Keeper ministry. Rob has been an Elder since his ordination in 1999 and currently serves as Church Chairman. 

     Rob retired after a 31-year career with Verizon. Working in Verizon’s Dept. Rob led a group of more than 30 tax accounting professionals. Rob is a certified public accountant (CPA), holds an MBA in finance, and BS in Accounting from SUNY Geneseo.

     Rob has been married to his beautiful wife Linda since 1989.  They have three children.

     Rob enjoys traveling with Linda, playing golf, investing/stocks, working out, and participating in sports including completing the NYC marathon in 2010 and 2011. 

Elder Rob can be reached at: Robburden22@gmail.com

Elder Tim White AD Liberal Arts

     Elder Timothy White has been and remains a spiritually gifted elder and leader at HOPE.  He has the heart and life of the disciple Barnabas. Like Barnabas, Tim brings people together with joy, commitment and the ability to get things done in a way that not only accomplishes various ministry tasks, but also fosters love, respect and consideration of those around him. He will not hesitate to richly supply all the coffee, Danishes, donuts and pizza you will need – napkins and cups too.

     Tim was born in North Carolina, the 3rd of 10 siblings. His family moved to New York City when he was six years of age.  He graduated from Queens Aviation High School. He joined the United States Navy, served three years in active duty with one tour in Vietnam. While serving on an aircraft carrier, Tim was the first to respond to a pilot’s distressed landing to help extinguish the flames from the crash. After leaving the military, Tim continued his education on the GI bill at Bronx Community College and received an associates degree in Liberal Arts.

     During Tim’s early life, he was blessed with many gifted family members and has talent in the various disciplines and aspects of the construction and carpentry trades. In the past 25-years, Tim has worked as a certified, licensed and skilled Vacuum Installer throughout the greater New York City and New Jersey area.

     Last but certainly not least, God has blessed Tim with his wonderful wife Joan (his childhood sweetheart) and 46 years of gracious marriage, along with two adult children and four grandchildren. Where would we be without Tim and Joan White - God has favored us in this world and in our lives. Thank you Jesus for Tim and Joan! 

Elder Tim can be reached at: tim82jyd@aol.com