Sunday Worship @ 11:00am

We believe in 4-fold view of corporate worship -- 

(1) God gathers His people, (2) We receive God's Word,

(3) We respond to God's Word, (4) We are sent in God's authority.

The dress is casual; the music is a mix of traditional and contemporary songs; we're not liturgical, but we read aloud the Lord’s Prayer & one of the Creeds weekly; sermons are typically 30-35 minutes, with a total service length on average

being 1 hour, 15 minutes. We receive the Lord's Supper monthly

(typically the 3rd Sunday of every month).


Since God has equipped us with heads, hearts, and hands, our worship services are geared to inform the mind intellectually ("Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God Almighty"), engage the soul emotionally ("Woe is me; for I am undone"), and bend the will volitionally. ("Here am I LORD; send me") ~ Isaiah 6:1-8 ~